About Me

Those closest to me call me "Van"

I'm not a great driver but I sing my heart out in my truck . . . maybe that explains why

I'm a small town girl at heart; it's where I thrive

Anyone who says "no" to chocolate is a crazy person


My favorite color has been & always will be pink.

I'm part Chinese but I don't like sushi. I'm a slight shame to my culture!

Lists are my best friends; they bring order to my scattered brain

Every single morning

Someday I will
go to this enchanted city

I could use big fancy words to describe myself; to make myself sound super fabulous and hilarious. I could paint you vivid portraits of how amazing I am to work with and what an overall magnificant person I am. But you see I can't, because I love the simple. And if you saw me you might, in fact, laugh because magnificent implies something huge and awesome and I am, well... 5’2". But you're not here 'cause you want to know how tall I am! You want to know about me and why I love photography. It's simple. I LOVE interacting with people. I feed off their energy, and it lights up my heart. My favorite thing about my work is the reaction when people view their photos, click with an image, or find beauty in themselves, because truly, I work with beautiful people! And it brings me joy to see them happy. I love that satisfying moment of bringing out a smile in a shy individual, the loud, hilarious wedding party that makes me laugh, or the softer moments of sneaking a peek into the heart of a kind soul. I have experienced ALL these during shoots and I never want to stop!